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Anyone looking for a recorder teacher on the web is likely to enter 'recorder teachers' in a search engine (such as Google) and click 'Go'.

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On the right are this site's ranking by seven of the top search engines for the search string 'recorder teachers'. Also shown are the official statistics of hits/pages it received during July and August.

Regional Teacher List

We are now making a feature of our teacher referral list (top of page), as a service to our members and the general public.

It makes sense to include yourself on this list. This is targetted advertising free to you with your ERTA membership. You can request to have your name and details includedby completing the form on the Members section, or by emailing the site administrator.


We can also produce a webpage for you, hosted within the ERTA site, or even a complete website with content management. Click here for more details.

These offers are only available to ERTA UK members.

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