Recorder Education Journal, edited by David Lasocki

REJ Volume 4

  • John Tyson, Making your own music. Clara Legêne, "Who can Say what Love is?" Different ways to approach music with your students.
  • Clara Legêne, Why every Recorder Ensemble should take "Pictures".
  • David Gordon, The improvising Recorder Consort: Jazz.
  • Peter Seibert, Arranging for Recorder Ensemble.
  • Patrick O'Malley, Applying Rhetoric and Preluding to Recorder Education.
  • David Lasocki, Improvising with Alan and Bruce: A Memoir.

Volumes 5 and 6 are dedicated to baroque ornamentation.

REJ Volume 5

  • David Lasocki leads with a four-page editorial entitled "The Philosophy of Baroque Ornamentation" and includes discussions on the purposes of ornamentation then and now, the parallels between baroque ornamentation and jazz improvisation and concludes with guidelines for modern players.
  • Betty Bang Mather, in her article "Developing Baroque Ornamentation Skills" takes as the start point an unornamented slow movement from a Handel sonata and develops a method for adding a variety of different kinds of ornamentation.
  • Sally J. Dawson, The Accidental Ornamentor: A Way of Teaching Ornamentation to Inexperienced Players.
  • Peter Bowman, Ornaments in the Works of Pierre Danican-Philidor. A back-to-basics analysis and interpretation of ornamentation in Philidor's beautiful and sophisticated duets.
  • David Lasocki, The Doubles in Hotteterre's Airs et Brunettes (ca. 1721). These are interesting because of the close relationship of instrumental music in France during this period and vocal styles. The ornaments are described in detail and there are lots of musical examples.

REJ Volume 6

  • This volume begins with Eva Legéne's article "A Curriculum for Teaching Ornamentation" in which she describes the source material that can be used both as teaching material and for inspiration. The article concludes with no fewer than 46 examples of ornamented cadences from the works of Telemann.
  • Saskia Fikentscher discusses "The Ornamentations of Arcangelo Corelli's Violin Sonatas, Op.5" focussing on seven contemporary ornamented versions of the first movement of Sonata No. 9. including those by Tartini and Geminiani.
  • Kim Zabelle analyses J.S. Bach's ornamentation in the opening Adagio of his Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor. She found fifty-seven ornamental figures and has arranged these by interval. A unique and intriguing insight into Bach's ornamentation.
  • Eva Legéne continues the look at Bach's ornamentation in her article "J. S. Bach's Ornamentation of Slow Movements by Marcello and Vivaldi".
  • The volume concludes with a joint article by Legéne and Lasocki entitled "Learning to Ornament Handel's Sonatas through the Composer's ears".

REJ Volume 7

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